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Explore tea with a Teatender's Choice subscription
Teatender’s Choice is a new way to explore our vast and varied tea library. Every month, we’ll handpick a few special teas from our personal favorites and ship them right to your door. Expect earthy oolongs like Wuyi Mountain, black breakfast teas like Assam, and fruity herbals like Superberry. Enjoy a rotating selection of new teas in every box. Just tell us what kind of tea drinker you are, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

What kind of tea drinker are you?

  • Casual Sipper
    You’re new to the world of tea or drink just a few cups a week. Ideal for one or two people. Take it nice and easy with 2 new teas every month. 
    For $20/month, you’ll get 2x 2oz pouches, about 20 - 30 cups of tea. 

  • Daily Brewer
    You drink tea daily or want to try a little more variety. Perfect for households with multiple tea drinkers. Broaden your horizons with 3 new teas every month.
    For $28/month, you’ll get 3x 2oz pouches, about 35 - 40 cups of tea.

  • Deep Steeper
    You’re a tea enthusiast. You want to explore everything our catalog has to offer. Great for larger households with several tea drinkers. Dive right in with 4 new teas every month.
    For $35/month, you’ll get 4x 2oz pouches, about 40 - 60 cups of tea.

About subscriptions
Enjoy free  shipping on every subscription order after you subscribe. We’ll ship your first teas once you subscribe and send new teas each month after that! Note that there are no tea substitutions on Teatender’s Choices. Looking for a regular delivery of a specific tea? Check out that tea’s page to Subscribe & Save!

Already a subscriber? Click here to manage your account options. For any other questions, contact us at info@brewdrtea.com.

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