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About Brew Dr. Tea Company

What is your relationship with Townshend’s Tea Company? 

Brew Dr. Tea Company is the same tea company you know and love as Townshend’s Tea — only our name has changed! In October 2019, we united with Brew Dr. Kombucha under one name to celebrate the many wonderful things we do with tea. Learn more about our history and story here!


Our Tea

Where do your teas come from?

Our teas come from many regions all over the world. We partner with expert tea buyers to bring the freshest and finest teas right to you. Learn more about our tea here!

Are your teas organic?

We have a wide selection of organic teas — browse them all here!

I’m new to tea. What should I try first?

There’s no wrong place to dive in! Browse around a little and see what interests you. Some great places to start include Creme de la Earl Grey (a classic black tea with a twist), Dragon Pearl Jasmine (a fine and aromatic green tea), Iron Goddess of Mercy (an earthy and complex oolong), and Clear Mind (a minty herbal blend.) 

We’re always happy to answer questions or help you pick something out, so reach out to us anytime!

Can you recommend a tea to me?

Absolutely! Reach us through our web form for personalized recommendations, or visit one of our teahouses to chat with a teatender in person. We’d love to help you find a new favorite! 

Do you have a favorite/most popular tea? 

Our Teatender’s Choice subscription is a great way to try some of our personal favorites and bestsellers. Every month, we handpick a few special teas and ship them right to your door. Learn more about Teatender’s Choice here!

How many servings are in an ounce?

It depends on the type of tea and how strong you like to drink it! One ounce of loose leaf will generally brew around 8-12 8 oz cups of tea. A heavier tea, like a chai, may brew fewer cups per ounce, while a light and fluffy tea, like chamomile or peppermint, may brew more cups per ounce. If you have questions about the servings for a particular tea, feel free to contact us

How much caffeine is in a cup of tea? 

It depends! Caffeine content is influenced by a variety of factors: where, when, and how the tea was harvested, how the tea leaves were processed (roasting, steaming, etc), and your personal brewing methods.

Using more tea leaves or steeping for a longer period of time will increase the caffeine content. We tend to brew black and oolong teas with a heavier steep, which sometimes gives them a reputation as “more caffeinated.” We tend to brew white and green teas with a lighter steep, fewer leaves, and cooler water, often resulting in a mellower cup. However, the leaves of white and green teas can still give you a buzz! 

If caffeine isn’t your thing, we have a wide selection of non-caffeinated teas too! From apothecary blends to herbal chais and much more, we have something for all tea drinkers and all occasions. 

How should I store my tea?

Tea should be stored in a cool, dry place in an airtight and light-proof container. Avoid light, heat, moisture, and air. 

How long will my tea stay fresh? 

We recommend enjoying your tea within two years for best quality and freshness. After that, your tea may lose some of its aroma and flavor. Drink up! 

What is the difference between Ceremonial Matcha and Everyday Matcha?

Our Ceremonial Matcha is a high grade matcha traditionally used in tea ceremonies. It is particularly suited for drinking straight, but also wonderful brewed as a latte — or any other way you like! We use Ceremonial Matcha in our Teahouses. Everyday Matcha is not graded quite as high, but still brews up a good, strong cup of tea! It's great for lattes, baking, and more.

What is Slow Brewed Chai? 

Our Slow Brewed Chai is a great way to enjoy chai at home! Each batch is made from the loose leaf chai blends you know and love. We utilize a traditional preparation that takes all day to brew. The spices are simmered for hours to extract all the flavors, then added to strongly steeped tea. No sugar added, so you can sweeten to your preference! Enjoy hot or iced with the milk of your choice. Shop all three flavors here.

Do you have any bulk discounts? 

Yes! We offer a 15% bulk discount for purchases of 8 oz or more. Looking for a regular delivery of your favorite tea? Most teas have an option to Subscribe & Save an additional 10%!

My favorite tea is more expensive than it was last year. Why is that? 

It’s true that we’ve made some recent changes to our loose leaf pricing, and we’re happy to share why! The majority of our loose leaf prices had previously remained unchanged for nearly a decade. But rising costs of sourcing, shipment, and labor over the years meant we finally had to increase our prices to reflect the increase in costs. We aim to keep our prices fair and accessible without sacrificing quality, so you can keep enjoying the high-quality teas you know and love! We still offer a bulk discount of 15% off 8 oz or more, an additional 10% off when you subscribe & save, as well as free shipping on all orders over $50. 

Is your packaging recyclable and/or biodegradable? 

Yes! Our packaging is both recyclable and biodegradable. Sustainability is one of our key values, and we’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact. After much careful testing and consideration, we’re excited to offer biodegradable bags that still protect our high-quality teas!


Brewing Tips 

What sort of infuser should I use? 

Tea leaves need room to unfurl and make contact with the water. We recommend an infuser that is big enough to allow the leaves to fully open and swim freely. Give those leaves some room to bloom! Shop filters and other tea accessories here.

Not sure which one to choose? Reach out to us anytime — we can help you pick!

What temperature should my water be? 

Each tea will have specific brewing instructions on its packaging, but we recommend the following guidelines: 













Why is my tea bitter?

You may be steeping your tea too long or too hot! Over-steeping can release tannins, which create a bitter taste. Check out each tea’s packaging or product page for our temperature and steep time recommendations, or reach out to us here with any questions!

Can I steep my tea leaves multiple times? 

Yes— In fact, we recommend it! Many teas will give you multiple steepings from a single serving of leaves. This is a great way to make the most of your tea and enjoy the unique notes that can develop from later infusions. Oolongs and pu-erhs in particular are intended for multiple steeps. The flavor changes slightly each time! 

How do I make a latte at home without a steamer? 

We recommend about 2 parts water to 1 part milk of your choice. For a creamier latte, try 1 part water to 1 part milk. First, steep the leaves in hot water — we recommend a good, strong steep with extra leaves. We like to add sweetener to the water at this stage. Meanwhile, heat or froth your milk. Then strain the tea leaves from your brew, and pour your milk over your water! 

How do I make iced tea?

We recommend brewing a strong, concentrated hot tea using less water. Then, pour it over ice. You can also make cold brew tea by letting tea and water infuse in your refrigerator for several hours.

But I have another way I like to brew my tea! 

Brewing tea is more of an art than a science, so feel free to experiment with what works for you! 

I have more questions about brewing tea!

We have answers! You can reach us online or visit one of our teahouses in person. We’re always happy to chat about tea and share our brewing expertise. 



What is Teatender’s Choice? 

Teatender’s Choice is a new way to explore our vast and varied tea library. Every month, we’ll handpick a few special teas from our personal favorites and ship them right to your door. Learn more here! Note that there are no substitutions on Teatender’s Choices. 

What is Subscribe & Save? 

Subscribe & Save allows you to sign up for a regular delivery of your favorite teas! You’ll get 10% off every shipment, and free shipping on every order after your first. You can get an additional 15% bulk discount on subscriptions of 8 oz or more. 

Can I change my Subscribe & Save details after signing up? 

Absolutely! You can change your subscription details at any time from your Account Page

  • To skip a delivery:
    Go to Your Account > View Subscriptions > Skip Your Next Delivery

  • To change your delivery frequency or tea quantity:
    Go to Your Account > View Subscriptions > Edit Subscription Details 

  • To change your delivery date: 
    Go to Your Account > View Subscriptions > Edit Subscription Details > I would like to change my next charge date

  • To change your delivery address:
    First, go to Your Account > Addresses > New Address to save a new address to your account.
    Then, go to Your Account > View Subscription > Shipping Address to update your subscription’s address.

  • To cancel your subscription:
    Go to Your Account > View Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription and follow the prompts. 

Can I add a new tea to my existing subscription? 

No, but you can add a new tea as a new subscription! Just navigate to that tea’s product page and select Subscribe & Save. 



What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Can I use my teahouse gift card online?

Teahouse gift cards are for teahouse use only and are not valid online. While we’d love to accept gift cards at our online store, our teahouses and online store have different point of sale systems. At the moment, our gift cards are only configured to work with our teahouse system.

How do I check my teahouse gift card balance?

You can check it here! You can also stop by one of our teahouses in person, or contact us at info@brewdrtea.com with your gift card number. 


Shipping and Delivery

Do you offer free shipping? 

We offer free shipping on all orders over $50!

Do you offer in-store pickup? 

All of our online orders are fulfilled and shipped from our warehouse in SE Portland, so we are unable to offer teahouse pickup at this time. However, you can purchase loose leaf tea by stopping by your local teahouse and ordering in person! Check out our Locations page for store hours and more.  

How soon will my order ship out?

We fill most orders in 1-2 business days!

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment, we only ship to the US and Canada. 


Our Teahouses

Where are you located and what are your hours? 

We have Brew Dr. Teahouses in Portland, Eugene, and Bend. Check out our Locations page for directions, individual store hours, and more! 

Do you have any open positions? 

Check out our Career Center for all current postings.

Do you have any specials or sales?

Follow us on Instagram for teahouse specials, online sales, seasonal offerings, and all things tea — it’s the next best thing to having a cup with us!