Brewing Tips

Avoid Over Steeping

See each tea’s page on our website for our recommended steeping times. Over-steeping is the leading cause of bitterness.

Give it some space

Tea leaves need room to unfurl and make contact with the water. Choose an infuser that is big enough to allow the leaves to fully open and swim freely. Shop filters and other tea accessories here


While the wrong temperature won’t ruin your tea entirely, the right temperature plays a big part in mastering your tea brewing skills.

White 165°-175°
Green 160°-180°
Oolong 200°
Black 200°
Mate 180°
Herbal 200°


Tea will stay fresh for months if stored correctly. Choose an airtight and light-proof container, and as the old song goes: “keep it in a cool, dry place.”

Make the most of your tea!

Many teas will give you multiple steepings from a single serving of tea leaves. Oolongs and pu-erhs are particularly giving, and are actually intended for multiple steeps, with their flavor changing slightly each time. The Chinese Gong Fu pot is designed for this purpose.